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Friday, August 25, 2006

Swim in the springs, but first read this about allergies

Published August 24, 2006, Tallahassee Democrat.
Wakulla Springs is safe to swim in, state environmental and health officials said today, but a state spring expert said those with serious allergies should beware of a reaction brought on by a kind of algae in the water.

Since 1999, state park officials have taken anecdotal reports from 31 people - mostly at Ichetucknee and Fanning springs - who complained of allergic reactions after swimming.

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tronsprings said...

I got a rash from the springs. I love the floida springs and am very dissapointed with the current state of affairs!I have ben itchy all over and had a weird thing growing under my skin that gets worse evertime I go spring hopping in the ocala forest and slowly gets better the longer i stay away .It is terrible real scary !!