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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Land lease crux of Weeki Wachee's issue with Swiftmud

Published: Sep 18, 2006
Swiftmud owns the land that encompasses the mermaid attraction. Weeki Wachee has an active lease.

However, Swiftmud would like the attraction, which is owned by the City of Weeki Wachee, to sign a new version of the lease. Weeki Wachee officials refused to sign the new lease due to several clauses they said were unreasonable.

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Anonymous said...

Im not an attorney but I play one in front of the TV. It seems DEP wants back rent on a hole in the ground which they let turn into a cess pool. Just what part of the environment have they been protecting? Thank goodness they don't do homeland security. I say pay up then sue for lack of performance. It may also be enlightning to see who else is paying rent on their holes at the various bottling plants around the state.