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Friday, September 15, 2006

A red mark on springs protection

Published Sep. 15, 2006
This weekend marks the fifth annual Marion County Springs Festival, a chance for us to get a renewed perspective on and appreciation for these natural wonders. The event features arts and entertainment, but the real value is the educational experience, the chance to learn about the springs, what we've done to them and what needs to be done to keep them thriving.

As Stevenson said, "we look at that pretty water flowing out of the ground and think it's got to be pure, and it's not anymore."

And despite the fact that Bush and the Legislature have set aside $2.5 million a year for springs protection, he added, "It just goes to show that we're very poor housekeepers. We're sloppy with our fertilizer and our sewage disposal. We need to do better."

Marion County Springs Festival

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