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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Independent filmmaker at Devil's Den

Published 1/4/07
An independent filmmaker used the springs at Devil's Den in Levy County for part of the footage in his movie Lithium Springs.

The photography at the springs is outstanding. The underlying story is about a search for gold left by Ponce de Leon when he found the Fountain of Youth. Beyond that, there is a message about keeping Florida free from litter, over-development and exploitation. These messages are subtle and not preachy.

“Much of the inspiration for the film came directly from time I spent at Manatee Springs, Fanning Springs, Otter, Hart, Sun Guaranto, Rock Bluff and Blue Springs in my earlier years, noted director Carter Lord. “I am a Florida woods person and have an intense interest in the swamps, outdoors and springs of our great state. The springs are magic, as you know, and Chiefland sits right in the center of some of the great springs activity in the whole world. I've always loved Chiefland anyway.”

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