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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Attorney dives into springs feud

Published February 7, 2007
Goller believes that Swiftmud is to blame for the shoddy condition of the springs. The dead eelgrass and huge globs of algae growing along the river bed - visible from the river cruise - are because of runoff from U.S. 19, she said.

As landlord, Swiftmud is responsible for dealing with that, she said. She believes runoff is also to blame for the sand that accumulated on the springs beach, which the park tried to fix during the infamous dredging incident.

But the primary concern of Swiftmud - which has been a major sticking point in negotiations with Weeki Wachee - is to have the park obtain permission, or what's been referred to as an "underwater lease," from the state Department of Environmental Protection to use the springs and the river the attraction is located on.

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