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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Little River Springs (Suwannee County)

(Suwannee County Park)
Daily 7-7 April - October
Daily 7-6 November - March

As with most of the springs that I have gone to, be careful as it it not always obvious that within two or three steps is the opening of the spring. This spring may have ok potential for little kids if you keep them away from the headpsring. The water was very clear.

Pictures taken 2/9/07

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are quite old..depending on the water level..usually there is a nice little "beach" spot to sit all the way around the springs.It is a great place for children!

Robyn said...

Beautiful spring, but concreted, chaotic, free, with Port-a-lets, allows alcohol and is a bit wild. Not like the 50's secret swimming spot, from what I understand. We went in search of my Mom's childhood GA camp and Spring on the Suwanee and believe it was Little River. Rope Swing into cave from large oak. So much has apparently changed according to the locals. Springs are such a treat when you live by the ocean. No salt, no sticky, just pure, clean H2O. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog posts.