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Sunday, October 28, 2007

As thirst grows, water war looms

Published October 27, 2007
For decades, Lake County -- like most of the state -- has depended on the underground Floridan Aquifer to accommodate a lot of its water needs. But the population now has swelled to almost 290,000 -- roughly 36 percent more residents than just seven years ago -- and is expected to outpace groundwater supplies in coming years.

Central Florida's overall development through 2025 is expected to exceed groundwater availability by up to 200 million gallons a day. The St. Johns River Water Management District could stop issuing new permits for groundwater withdrawals in six years. That could force local governments to come up with often costly alternative sources such as piping water from large regional rivers including the Ocklawaha, St. Johns and Withlacoochee.

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