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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Florida Springs Related Posters

The following posters are published by the Florida Geological Survey. Although some of these posters are available online I would just suggest purchasing those that of interest through the Florida Geological Survey for a nominal fee. (Details below)

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Florida’s First Magnitude Springsheds (1 MB, PDF)
by T. Greenhalgh, 2003, Color, 25” X 37 ‘. (Poster 12)

Florida's Hydrogeologic Environment (3 MB, PDF)
by P. Bond, 2002. Illustrates the hydrogeology of karst terrane, with rev. text and rev. color, 34” X 22.” (Poster 5)

Florida's Sinkholes (2 MB, PDF)
by F. Rupert and S. Spencer, 2004, Color, 22” X 34’. (Poster 11)

Florida Springs Protection Areas (8 MB, PDF)
by T.H. Greenhalgh and A.E. Baker, 2005 1 sheet (Open File Map Series #95)

Land Use and Spring Protection
by P. Bond, 2003, Color, 23” X 35 ‘. (Poster 10)

Protecting Florida’s Springs
by P. Bond, 2002. Same artwork as Poster 5 rev., illustrating the hydrogeology of karst terrane, with different text. Color, 34” X 22.” (Poster 8)

Springs of Marion County, Florida (3 MB, PDF)
by G.H. Means and D.S.Anderson, 24 “x 36”, 2005. (Poster 14)

More Info:
The Florida Geological Survey maintains a current List of Publications (Information Circular 87). The list includes all formally published publications, a subject index, ordering instructions, an order form and is available in either print or PDF format (digital format).

The print edition is available by contacting the Survey's Publications Office at
(850) 488-9380.
Florida Geological Survey Publications

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