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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leon Co. moves forward on septic systems

Published October 9, 2007
The Leon County Commission today agreed to move forward with requiring advanced septic tank systems after seeing maps showing that groundwater is susceptible to contamination.

The maps, produced by Advanced Geospatial Inc. of Tallahassee, show that the aquifer is considered vulnerable in more than half the county. Leon County paid $73,000 for the study.

The maps suggest that groundwater near Wakulla Springs in southern Leon County and northern Wakulla County is the most vulnerable to contamination. They confirm what scientists have been saying - that the lack of a clay layer makes water flowing to Wakulla Springs is susceptible to contamination.

More Info:
Leon County Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment (LAVA)
This project provides a science-based, water-resource management tool to help minimize adverse impacts on ground-water quality, including focused protection of sensitive areas like springsheds and ground-water recharge zones

Article Links to:
Leon County aquifer vulnerability map (PDF)
Wakulla County aquifer vulnerability map (PDF)


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