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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Proposed bottled water plant may take water from Fort White system

Published 10/25/07
The practice of buying a municipality's water and then turning that water into purified water is common practice for the leading purified bottled water companies in the country that use city and well water to make their distilled bottled water.

In fact, Williston just last year allowed a water bottling plant to connect to the city's water supply. The city is making money from the endeavor because the city charges more money the more water someone uses.

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Josey said...

The idea of this proposal is a moral slap in the face. Currently, we as a human race are facing a time of water wars. The fact that yet another bottled water plant wishes to profit from the states water comes to an ethical issue. Approximately three times the amount of water is required to produce one bottle. If we can't learn how to filter our own water, cities, such as Atlanta, will continue to deplete themselves of water supply three times as fast. With our growing population, it is imperative that we get over the conveniences of bottled water and take the time to filter from the tap ourselves. I just don't understand why we need someone else to do it for us proceeding to charge more a bottle of water than one gallon of gas.