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Monday, October 01, 2007

Spring Inventory of the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers

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A total of 51 springs and karst windows were identified in the St. Marks/Wakulla River basin (Figure 6). Springs in the St. Marks/Wakulla River basin include those with typical fissure-type vents and those t hat incorporate areas of diffuse, upward
percolation of ground water into pools and runs. According to the Florida Springs Classification System and Glossary, Florida Geological Survey Special Publication Number 2, flow through an exposed conduit in the Floridan Aquifer is considered a karst window and not a spring (Copeland 2003). Therefore, several features historically noted as springs, though included in this report, should not be considered springs: including Rhodes Springs (1-4), Natural Bridge Spring, and
River Rise Springs #3 and #4. Karst windows, however, remain valuable natural resources worthy of conservation.

Source: St. Marks River and Wakulla River Springs Inventory - Leon and Wakulla Counties, FL

See document for GPS coordinates and descriptions of Springs.
Source (PDF)

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