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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blue Springs Park (Gilchrist County)

7450 NE 60th St.
High Springs, Florida 32643
(386) 454-1369

Hours are 9:00am-7:00pm from March until October and winter hours are 9:00am-5:30pm

General Admission (Daily)
Ages 13 and up -- $10.00
Ages 5-12 -- $3.00
Under 5 -- Free

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Pictures taken 11/6/07

Little Blue Spring
(Was not flowing at time of visit)

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Gilchrist Blue Spring (Blue Spring)

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Naked Spring

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Johnson Spring

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Blue Springs Park


Anonymous said...

I went to this park on April 4th, 2009. It was very nice...but I thought it was expensive considering that there are so many other springs that you can go to for 1 or 2 dollars. The one really cool part is the diving dock, and the water is very deep. There is also a shallower area where those who don't wish to dive in can access the spring.

Anonymous said...

I take my children to Blue Spings as often as I can get them there. They and me truely enjoy the springs and the dock. This is a safe place and the personel working here keep it this way. The drinking and crazy things that go along with that are taking care of before it becomes an issue. My children make new friends and I love watching and getting in on the fun. Kids are jumping and playing all day. The dock is a joy. I love this place and so do my children. Please keep up the good work.

Jeannie said...

we were here in july and loved it. it was a wonderful spring in a lovely natural environment. family oriented. kids loved the diving platform; i loved the deep and shallow snorkeling and swimming amongst the aquatic plant life. i loved swimming down the "run" and back, against the gentle current. it was a great springs for kids of all ages. i am coming back and bringing friends!

Sue Brady said...

We camp at Blue Springs Every Labor day and do karaoke, we have a ball, the folks that run it are very kind. would not want to camp any where else.

Jeannie said...

It's just June 21, 2010 and I've been to Blue Springs Park, AND brought along many friends - three times already this summer. THREE. We are 112 miles each way from this spring but Blue is worth it. Everything the other commenters have said (the praises) is true. The staff work hard to keep it family friendly, to enhance the natural beauty of the place, and keep th e facilities clean. And oh the water! I love it, the kids love it. The diving platform KILLS, for the kids. Keeps them occupied for hours, literally. I love swimming the springs and up and down the run. Clear, cold water. It's just a fantastic park.