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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

McClain, Payton, Stone favor rewrite on springs protection

Published Nov. 13, 2007
Supporters of Marion County's proposed Springs Protection plan may come up dry in trying to tap enough commission votes to put the new rules on the books.

Commissioners Stan McClain, Jim Payton and Charlie Stone said Monday that unless the proposed ordinance was overhauled, they would not vote to pass the legislation that would phase out traditional septic tanks and require homeowners to replace them with costlier Performance Based Treatment Systems. The commission is scheduled to vote on the ordinance Nov. 20.

Currently, the proposed ordinance would require new septic systems for all new homes in the county's springs protection zones, which include most of the county. It also would require that failing septic tanks be replaced with the new Performance Based Treatment Systems, capable of reducing nitrogen levels entering the environment by at least half.

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