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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Manatees in Trouble

Published Feb 15, 2008
Marine Biologist fear for the safety of several manatees spending the winter in the panhandle. The endangered species normally travels south for the winter and the dozen of so that stayed in northern Florida could be in trouble.

Scott Calleson a state Wildlife Biologist says the endangered species are warm-blooded and should have moved to warmer water by now.

“They’re in okay water as long as they say at the springs. The water coming out there is about 69 degrees or so which is warm enough to keep them alive, if they get much down stream of that, the water can cool down quiet a bit and they can put them at risk.”

About ten of manatees remain in the Wakulla River. Wildlife experts say this is the most they’ve ever seen this far north in February.

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