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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deep water challenges

Published April 13, 2008
For more than a decade, concerned citizens have banded together in an attempt to get legislation passed that would help protect Florida’s springs and rivers before the life within them disappears — and along with it, much of our quality drinking water.

Each attempt at a legislative solution has been thwarted by lobbyists for two powerful groups, developers and agricultural interests.

“Everybody really likes the idea of springs protection, but when you start picking on the worst polluters, that’s when the fear factor comes in, and the bill usually dies,” said Annette Long, president of Save Our Suwannee. “Every bill that I have followed has failed to make it out of committee.”

The protection of Florida’s springs should continue to garner support from its residents as long as there are groups willing to show up at meetings and ask the tough questions.

“Instead of studying the springs some more — we know what the problems are for at least five or six of those 33 springs from previous studies — let’s stop the bleeding and save Florida’s springs,” Long said.

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