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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Develop alternative water supplies

Published 5/13/2008 (Letter to the Editor)
Contrary to what Hardesty wrote, the Yankee Lake Project does not defy logic and scientific facts. According to the St. Johns River Water Management District, the science clearly shows that groundwater overpumping will adversely affect water quality in the aquifer system, wetlands, streams and springs, regardless of whether the groundwater withdrawals are located in Central Florida or Northeast Florida. This means we must develop alternative water supplies to preserve our groundwater resources. This is what the Yankee Lake Project is all about.

The district has studied the St. Johns River as a possible alternative water source since at least 1995. These studies consist of over 10,000 pages of scientific reports prepared by nationally recognized experts.

Their studies conclude the St. Johns River could provide up to 155 million gallons per day of water without adversely impacting the water quality or ecology of the river, and rules were adopted by the district recognizing this conclusion. The Riverkeeper, Hardesty's group, attended meetings that led to adoption of the rules, but did not provide comment.

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