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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Florida's Rivers" is a look at the history and ecology of our state rivers

5/26/08 (Book Review)
Charles Boning, a man of many talents (he's a lawyer who not only is also an accomplished naturalist and writer, but even an astute photographer) has written a book entitled Florida's Rivers which, living up to its name, is an overview of all the major rivers of the state, organized by region

The real treat though is to sit down and read Florida's Rivers cover-to-cover and thus gain the benefit of a short course in the history and ecology of Floridian rivers and riparian environments. While Boning doesn't spend too much time on any one river-in a mere 230-some pages he really doesn't have room to-he offers a strong overview of all the state's major rivers in a manner that is easy to follow. Plant and animal life, recreation, and history are all addressed in the river-specific entries.

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