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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our state leaders talk tough when river looter's far away

Published May 12, 2008 (Editorial)
The silence emanating from the secretary and his boss, Gov. Charlie Crist, is deafening. Central Florida's proposed withdrawals will affect the ecology and health of the St. Johns and Ocklawaha, including the fisheries and salinities, but there are no letters forthcoming to Seminole or Orange counties expressing opposition to these equally destructive proposals.

The governor opposes Atlanta's plans. We're still waiting to see an equivalent sense of indignation from the governor, or the DEP, over similar threats to the St. Johns River's health and economy. No, it's easy to criticize Atlanta; it plays well at home. But, don't expect the governor's office, or the DEP, to anger the powerful Central Florida development community; it's the fountainhead of campaign contributions and power. The Crist administration and Sole talk a good game, as long as the bully lives in another state.

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