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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Three Sisters Springs: a place of natural perfection

Published in Print May 31, 2008 (Letters to the Editor)
Various Comments made:
It made me so happy to read that Hal Flowers has decided not to develop the property. I wish it could remain as it is: perfect!

I am very pleased to read that Hal Flowers is reconsidering his development plans. This will benefit the manatees. However, I am very skeptical of the Save the Manatees Club's vision of land-only observation.

I am amazed at how caring and generous developer Hal Flowers is. He was so moved by the manatee's plight that he was willing to take a piece of property, that he paid $10.5-million at the height of the real estate madness and is now willing to dump it on the taxpaying public for only $15-million.

More than 900,000 boats are registered in Florida and approximately 400,000 boats registered in other states use Florida's waterways. Obviously, with more than a million boats on the waters, we need strong manatee protection. Slowing down seems like such a small thing to ask in order to be able to share the waters with these unique animals.

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