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Friday, May 16, 2008

Wacissa River Springs (Jefferson County)

Here are of the springs that are located along the Wacissa River. Pictures and video were taken on 5/14/2008. Many are only viewable via boat.

Big Blue Spring

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Cassidy Springs

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Horsehead Spring

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Log Spring

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Wacissa Spring 2 (Near Diving Board)

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There are two places within a 1/2 mile of the Wacissa Spring that rent Canoes/Kayaks.

Wacissa River Canoe & Kayak Rentals
Corky: (850) 997-5023
Cell: (850) 342-4997
Bob: (850) 997-6112
Email: wrcr@embarqmail.com

Wacissa Springs Livery
Canoe & Kayak Rentals
(850) 997-2324 Jim
Email: jumdulock@hotmail.com

More Info:
Goose Pasture is the only public camp ground on the lower Wacissa River. It is one of the take out points for boat trips from the head spring. From the Wacissa River head spring parking lot, drive north about 3/4 mile and turn south (left) on Hwy 59. Turn left on Hwy 98 and continue until you cross the Aucilla River. Turn left on the second paved road off 98. About 3 miles down the paved road it will turn into a dirt road. Take a left at the first dirt crossroad. Continue straight where the road forks, it will terminate at Goose Pasture.

Cassidy Spring "pshermanfl's" YouTube Video
Map of Goose Pasture to Nutall Rise via the Slave Canal
Sea Kayak Florida
Springs Fever...
Underwater Journey on the Wacissa River "paddledog's" YouTube Video
Wacissa River Canoe Trail

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Peggy said...


Thanks for including a video I took of Cassidy Spring! I love seeing any sites dedicated to this wonderful river, on which I spend a great deal of time. The birds are great, too!