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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Couch: Floridians wrong about water

Published June 17, 2008 (Opinion)
Georgia EPD director says Florida water claims 'fiction'

Facts, not fears or fictions, are necessary for interstate cooperation on comprehensive solutions as the Savannah River valley continues to grow.

In 2007, the worst drought year on record, more than half of the entire water stored in Georgia or Alabama reservoirs on the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River system was used to support an augmented flow into Florida of at least 5,000 cubic feet per second. Flows at this level are approximately twice what nature would have provided without the use of the reservoir storage, and mitigate any loss of water associated with metro Atlanta's use by a factor of seventeen.

Carol A. Couch is director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division Information on the Georgia Statewide Water Plan and regional planning can be found at www.georgiawaterplanning.org.

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