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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The lake will return, if we let it

Published June 3, 2008 (Opinion)
Picture Taken 6/4/2008

A large portion of the lake drained out the sinkhole in 1999. Though the lake rebounded by 2002, the area near the sinkhole has been dry for several years.

That has led lakeside residents to push for damming up the offending Porter Sink. Their frustration is understandable. They miss the bass fishing, water skiing and other recreational amenities the lake provides in its full state.

Lake Jackson is a "Florida aquatic preserve." That's the highest level of protection/management the state affords water bodies. It is a designation created in the 1970s and applies to 41 Florida springs, bays and estuaries. The state would never issue a permit to plug or dam Lake Jackson.

Lake Jackson is popular with eco-tourists because it is a karst lake, meaning it's part of the swiss cheese, limestone geology of the Big Bend that creates sinkholes, rivers that dip underground — and disappearing lakes. There are only three karst regions in the world: the other two are in Croatia and China.

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