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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Devil Spring unusual but fun for divers

Published Jun. 26, 2008
At the popular Ginnie Springs Outdoors park, I was able to -- literally -- drop in on four of the park's seven springs and explore 1,000 feet of the adjacent Santa Fe River -- all in a single-tank drift dive recently.

Every day, as much as 80 million gallons of fresh water bubble up from beneath the earth's surface through Little Devil, Devil's Eye and Devil's Ear springs.

The flow is so strong out of the constricted, dungeon-like entrance to the Ear that it can push an unwary diver backward or cause a regulator to free-flow. At nearby Ginnie Spring, another 35 million gallons spew up every day through the bars erected to block the entrance to the narrow cave opening. Our object was to experience all these spring flows directly in our faces.

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