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Monday, June 09, 2008

Oystermen pay price for rising water use

Published June 9, 2008
The Apalachicola River -- which carries water more than 300 miles from Georgia's Lake Lanier into the bay, providing the delicate balance of freshwater and saltwater oysters need to thrive -- is running dry.

Oystering is a $10 million industry in Florida, with about 1,200 licensed harvesters and 25 processing houses in the Apalachicola area. Approximately 3 million pounds of oyster meat was landed in the state last year, about 10 percent of the national harvest. Texas and Louisiana are bigger oyster producers and could make up the difference if the Florida industry fades.

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Anonymous said...

If you’ve ever heard the saying – “the best defense is a good offense” – then you know exactly what I’m thinking when I say we should boycott Georgia Peaches.

If Georgia takes a hit at our beloved Apalachicola oyster, shouldn’t Floridians take proper reciprocal measures with regard to the Georgia Peach.

We need market forces need to kick in and do their thing.

See full post at http://sfwj.blogspot.com/2008/05/peaches-for-oysters.html

Many thanks for a great post: comprehensive, and I love your thumbnail summaries.

Robert V Sobczak, editor
The South Florida Watershed Journal