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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has voted to end bag...

Posted Jun. 22, 2008
The all-volunteer Woodville Karst Plain Project -- a group of underwater cave explorers based in Gainesville -- has announced a recent milestone in its push to connect Wakulla Springs, south of Tallahassee, with the Gulf of Mexico. On the weekend of June 13, cave divers Jarrod Jablonski and Casey McKinlay, aided by a large support team, explored more than 8,700 feet of virgin underwater cave passage 260 feet beneath the earth's surface known as Q-tunnel. Q-Tunnel, which runs south-southwest from Wakulla Springs, had been explored out to about 17,000 feet from its entrance. McKinlay describes the new passageway as ``a massive, corridor-style pipe, averaging 50 feet high by 50-100 feet wide with depths ranging from 250-285 feet.''

McKinlay said the total distance from Wakulla Springs to the new limit of exploration is 25,776 feet -- a new cave-diving distance record. He said the tunnel is wide open at the end, and he expects to make the remaining eight-mile connection to the Gulf.

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