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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poe Springs Park should be better used, county says

Published 7/25/2008
Poe Springs Park is "woefully underused" during the winter months and even during many work weeks in the summer, said Alachua County Parks Superintendent Rob Avery.

And that under-usage is costing the county tens of thousands of dollars a year, Avery told the Alachua County Commission on July 8.

Since the 202-acre, county-owned park opened in 1992, the county has supplemented the operating costs of the park run by the YMCA by up to $54,000 a year.

The county will begin advertising the details of the request for proposals for the Poe Springs Park management on July 30.

A mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held on Aug. 11 for all those interested in submitting a proposal.

The final proposals are due to the county by Aug. 27.

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Anonymous said...

Poe is a Nature preserve, more people = more erosion. With more people inhabiting the park, the less area for the animals to inhabit, but I guess the wildlife cant pay the bills so where do you draw the line?