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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scuba accident victim's coma now considered irreversible

Published 1 July 2008
The coma that enveloped Shannon Leigh Lewis, one of Austin's most honored spoken-word poets, turned irreversible Monday. She had entered the coma after a June 14 cave diving accident near Ginnie Springs, Florida.

According to multiple reports, Lewis, an experienced diver, was swimming with two other divers, returning alone to the entrance of the cave because of an equilibrium problem. A diving instructor from another group discovered her unconscious. She was brought her to the surface with the help of another diver.

Renowned 20-year-old poet Shannon Leigh was critically injured in a scuba diving accident at Florida's Ginnie Springs. Doctors now consider her to be in an irreversible coma.

"Recreation diving and cave diving are apples and oranges," said Dan Misiaszek, retired dive recovery commander with San Marcos Area Recovery Team. "Cave diving requires specialized training and equipment. Even with the proper training and equipment, things can still go wrong."

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