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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Water hyacinth flourishes on part of Santa Fe River

Published 7/4/2008
Water hyacinth grows faster then any other vascular plant studied, sometimes doubling its population in just six days, according to University of Florida's IFAS center.

Most of the Santa Fe River is doing just fine considering the drought, but a stretch of the river near Boat Ramp Road is covered in water hyacinth because the state has been unable to spray in that area, said Joe Hinkle with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Invasive Plant Management.

"The water is low and the air boats can't get in to spray," Hinkle said. "...our contractors are not going to tear up their equipment to do that area."

Jim Wood, owner of Santa Fe Canoe Outpost, and Lars Andersen, owner of Adventure Outpost, both said they would rather let nature take its course than have the state come in and spray more chemicals.

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