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Saturday, July 12, 2008

We think: It's outrageous that Wekiwa Springs is being sacrificed

Published July 10, 2008 (Editorial)
The algae's toxins might give the governor hives, rashes and other skin irritations. But years from now, the pollutants could turn the springs into an algae-choked retention pond -- the death knell for wildlife and the springs as a destination for all the people who today enjoy it.

But a gubernatorial leap into the political muck that's keeping Wekiwa Springs and many of the state's 700-odd springs from a clean future would benefit Florida more than the governor actually submerging himself in them.

With the input of staff from the DEP, DOH officials had forged a rule requiring new homes built near the Wekiva River basin that aren't on sewer lines to install high-tech septic systems that remove nitrogen better than traditional septic systems. Owners of older houses whose septic tanks fail also would need to install the advanced systems.

What happened?

DOH and DEP officials keep, well, watering down the rule. They haven't enacted it. But before doing so, they'd better improve it, and quickly.

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