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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cleanup of river continues

Published 8/10/08
The water management district and JEA committed $250 million to remove existing wastewater discharges from the river and redirect treated water to other purposes, like irrigation and industrial cooling. When complete, these 20 projects will collectively remove 1.6 million pounds of nitrogen per year and 32 million gallons of discharge per day from our river, conserving a similar amount now drawn from the Floridan aquifer for these irrigation and industrial purposes.

Additionally, a team of academic researchers from UNF and JU have published a State of the River report. Primarily funded by the city's Environmental Protection Board, the report tracks data to evaluate the river's health. These findings have been condensed in a brochure that can be found along with the full report and other St. Johns River resources at http://www.SJRreport.com

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