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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The future of Florida's springs isn't eternal

Published 8/2/08 - (St. Petersburg Times In Print August 3, 2008)
In the past decade, longtime threats to these natural gems have become more urgent. Many springs that were formerly blue now have a greenish tint. Unsightly filamentous algae have replaced their natural aquatic plant communities. Flows are declining in numerous springs. Some have stopped flowing altogether.

This is an excellent article please visit their site for more in depth info. They list several spring facts:
1. All consumptive uses of groundwater in a springshed reduce spring flows to some extent.

2. The concentration of nitrate nitrogen, a recognized pollutant in surface and groundwaters, is rising rapidly in most Florida springs in response to agricultural and urban development.

3. Spring ecosystems are undergoing widespread and dramatic changes in natural flora and fauna, often evidenced by replacement of natural plant communities by filamentous algae and native fauna by exotic species.

4. Relatively pristine springs with high flows help support local economies.


sarah said...


I really like this blog a lot. It's extremely helpful to have all of this water news in one place. I was wondering if you would consider one suggestion, though. I think it would be great to have the name of the source below the article name as a quick handy reference.

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I will try to do this in the future