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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Did Our Water Go? Give the law a chance

Published September 23, 2008 - Orange Sentinel
Florida sits atop one of the most productive aquifers in the world -- the Floridan Aquifer, which extends for about 100,000 square miles beneath Florida and neighboring states. Altogether, it is estimated that more than a quadrillion gallons of fresh groundwater percolates below Florida -- more than beneath any other state. But utilities in Central Florida are running short of available groundwater. How can that be?

The primary causes of our water woes can be stated simply: over-consumption, over-drainage and unsustainable growth.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

I just added you to my "blog scroll" ... That will let more people know about your site down here ... and about Florida Springs!

By the way, what is your favorite spring?

PC said...

Thanks for asking, I think Ichetucknee Springs is my favorite I previously posted my top 12 favorite springs at http://www.floridasprings.info/2008/07/florida-springs-for-family.html