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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bubbling to the Surface

Published 11/1/2008 - Florida Trend
The Century Commission's Water Congress generates some bold recommendations, but will the state listen?

This fall, the Century Commission hosted an ambitious Water Congress in Orlando with the goal of finding sustainable long-term solutions to Florida’s water needs. Delegates — 120 in all, from commissioners in water-worried counties to sod farmers to environmentalists to utility directors — spent two days trying to reach a consensus on a broad range of recommendations submitted by all of the parties and the public.

Top 4 Recommendations:
1) Reinstate Florida’s annual funding for developing alternative water supplies.
2) Create strong incentives for regional partnerships such as water-supply authorities.
3) Consider conservation projects a type of alternative water supply, as eligible for funding as any infrastructure project.
4) Set per-capita goals for water use and provide a stable funding base for the Conserve Florida program.

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