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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The bad news about Florida's water supply just keeps coming

Published May 24, 2009 - Orlando Sentinel (Opinion)
If you thought things couldn't get any worse in terms of Florida's assault on its dwindling water supply, you're in for a surprise. This session legislators did two things that can make it far worse.

No. 1: Letting water-district executive directors call the shots on withdrawals.
Under the bill, water-district directors would have sole approval not only for river withdrawals but for all requests for permits to consume water.

No. 2: Letting Deseret Ranch tie up water for 50 years.
Allowing Deseret to get a 50-year permit to withdraw water — whether or not it uses it — puts all the more pressure on Orange County to to pursue withdrawing from the St. Johns River and the Kissimmee River basin.

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