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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad times make state less green

Published 5/27/09
Here's a quick rundown of some of the bad environmental news out of Tallahassee:
Cutting the public out of water-management decisions
In the last two days of the session, a fairly innocuous water-conservation bill was amended to allow the executive directors of water management districts to quietly approve all kinds of large-scale water use.

These permits are subject to open votes of the district boards. This gives people a chance to show up and object and puts everything firmly on the record.

Florida Forever isn't forever
The best time to buy public land is when the real estate market is depressed and prices go down. The worst time is in boom times when landowners can demand top dollar, assuming they'd even be interested in protecting the land from development.

This year, the Florida Forever endangered-lands program did not receive new bond authority. The program's not dead. It limps along on past bonding.

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