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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot summer day? Plunge into cool Ginnie Springs

Published May 25 - Examiner.com
There are three main dive areas for different levels of dive experience.

1. Ginnie Spring is a simple dive leading into a large cavern where you can explore and see the source of the Santa Fe River. The cavern where the spring comes gushes forth is gated for safety, making it the safest cavern dive in Florida. Divers can bring down lights for exploring this large cavernous room. This is the largest pool for diving and divers can reach a depth of 55 feet.

2. Devil’s Eye is a circular spring that has a depth of 15 feet at the bottom. There is a cave entrance at the bottom of the spring that leads to several thousand feet of cave passage ways. This is a dive site only for the experienced cave diver. If you follow through Devil’s Eye you reach Devil’s Ear.

3. Devil’s Ear is located east of Devil’s Eye in the Santa Fe River. Exploring Devil’s Ear allows you to dive down an oval chimney shaft 60 feet deep to a cave entrance.

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