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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blue Spring freedivers love the sport, but it can be dangerous

Published Jun 5, 2009 -
Freediving is the act of diving on a single breath. As with scuba diving, a mask and fins are used, and there is great potential for underwater exploration. Unlike scuba, however, freedivers don't use air tanks or wet suits. It's human-versus-water on one breath of air.

"People tend to think it’s just about holding your breath," Gelman said. "While that’s part of the equation, there are other vital parts to freediving. Knowing your limits, training your body, knowing how gases react under pressure and how they react when you ascend."

For more information about freediving, visit AIDA International, http://www.aida-international.org, http://www.freedive.net or http://www.sfdj.com

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