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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alexander Springs: Make a Day of Kayaking and Snorkeling

Published Third Quarter 2009 - Trail Keeper News
This publication is produced by the Florida Paddling Trails Association. In this issue on pgs 6-7 they cover the experience of kayaking the Alexander Springs.

They also make mention on pg 9 of the Weeki Wachee Paddling & Music Festival to be held Feb, 2010. There will be canoe & kayak demos, skills training, sales of paddling boats
and gear, and guided tours in the area.
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Jeannie said...

hi! i've bookmarked your blog. i fell in love with florida springs this summer. i'm intrigued by Alexander Springs. l love to swim and snorkel in the springs. How does Alexander Springs compare to Blue Springs (the one between Poe Springs and Ginnie Springs)?

I need to choose my location for my Labor Day weekend Springs retreat. I am desperate to return to Blue Springs but need to spend 2 days kind of nearby. Blue Springs is not in the vicinity of Alexander springs, etc. What is your impression of Ginnie Springs? Will it be packed on Labor Day weekend?

I love your blog!

PC said...

Ginnie Springs is really busy, but it's one of the most beautiful springs in FL. I rank it #2 on my list. I love the fact that you can Kayak between the springs there at the park. You can also camp there. Take a look at there website. Ginnie Springs

Florida Springs for the Family
Springs for the Family

Jeannie said...

thanks for the link - i really love Blue Springs in Gilchrist County. i am searching and searching for our trip next week. thank you!! what do you think of Rainbow Springs for swimming, snorkeling? is it a natural environment and worth a day's drive to get to it and spend a day at? thank you for your help! seriously!

PC said...

I'm not sure about the snorkeling but it is a very beautiful spring. They do rent canoes abd I believe kayaks there. If not, they rent them just down the street at KP Hole County park Link