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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teen dies while trying to swim across Suwannee River

Published September 16, 2009 - The Gainesville Sun
According to the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office, Oshae Butler, 16, of Lake City, drowned Saturday while attempting to swim across the river with two friends. Butler was reported missing shortly after noon and was last seen about 200 yards up from Little River Springs.

"When you are standing on the bank, the river gives the appearance of being peaceful and not as far across as it really is," Colvin said. "You can't seen any movement, so you probably don't think about the current, but you have to fight what can be a pretty strong current to swim straight across."


Alan said...

I've swam in the Suwannee River many times. And don't be fooled, that current is very strong, especially when there has been rain in North Florida and Georgia.

sora81 said...

I go to that same spring alot to a rope swing which is where it happened and i have seen people make it all the way acrossed but don't be fooled i went to the middle of the swuannee there and the current is very swift even though it looks calm it will drag you down and not to mention there is always boaters in that area.