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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wekiva septic tank fight may scuttle roadway plans

Published Sep 25, 2009 - Orange Sentinel
The fight is about how best to stop pollution from seeping out of household septic tanks into the river.

About 60 top environmental regulators, water managers, real-estate experts and homeowners met for several hours to resolve an impasse over proposed new requirements on household septic tanks thought to be steadily poisoning the springs flowing into the Wekiva River

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Jeanne Simard said...

I've followed this assinine rulemaking process for four years now. My home was 'drawn' into the Wekiva Study Area after I bought it, as were tens of thousands of other hapless homeowners. I've many Wekiva Basin Commission Meetings as a concerned resident of the Wekiva Study Area. There is NO positive science at all that my home, located more than 20 miles from the river/springs is DIRECTLY contributing to the nitrogen source. The environ'mental'ists, as usual, try to scare the general public who is not well-versed in the science into believing the river/springs is dying!!!! That it will die without intervention by do-gooders...not one of whom, I would venture to guess, have converted their own septic tank (regardless if they are in the WSA or not) to the EXPENSIVE (15,000.00+) alternative septic systems they are trying to push on us. Pah! You first!

The environ'mental'ists drew an arbitrary boundary around a large area of Central Florida, deemed it environmentally 'sensitive' in order to appease their own special interest group to make those folks think they were making a good deal in order to get this God-awful, sprawl inducing, parkway built. Yes, you, Charles Lee and your cronies think you are doing something good by imposing this new technology without thinking of longterm consequences for FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES and FINANCES. You have all repeatedly told untruths about the ongoing expense(s) of this unproven technology. You all will be fought every step of the way if you continue to pursue the rulemaking in regards to this unneeded, unfunded individual mandate. The fight will continue. We are a group of folks who are educated about these systems and are educating our lawmakers in return. The DOH will have a longterm fight on their hands if they pursue this rulemaking in order to appease the environmental lobby. Interesting how Mark Hooks, former DOH employee who now works for a septic company and who touted the wonderful advantages of the alternative septic systems being pushed by the DOH while he was working for them, now has stated at Wekiva Commission Meetings that conventional systems are okay too. Go figure....who's signing his paycheck now?!

What's next for those of us in the WSA? What next will you tree-hugging folks come up with in order to appease your donors and supporters? Will you ever stop using us folks in the WSA as test subjects for your every environmental whim? If you believe this mandate will stop at the border of the WSA you are mistaken. If made a statutory rule it's only one step away from becoming statewide. And if you are one of those enviro-whacko's with a conventional septic system why haven't YOU voluntarily upgraded yet to the aerobic system you what me to have? NO excuses! Step up and show what you are made of and how much ($$) you are willing to back your cause of saving the springs statewide...go ahead...lead by example.