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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Will Jacksonville's water woes spread across North Florida?

Published Sep. 26, 2009 - The Florida Times-Union
Generations of tourists in North Florida visited White Springs and the "spring house" where clear sulfur water bubbled from the ground.

That ended decades ago. Wells drilled around the speck of a town on the Suwannee River pumped so much ground water that the spring stopped flowing.

Early forecasts suggested that by 2030, Jacksonville-area demand could suck down aquifer levels anywhere from one to three feet near the Santa Fe's upper reaches, which get water from both rainfall and springs

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Jeannie said...

Although I live in Jacksonville...and in fact bought bottled water from Ginnie Springs, bottled by Coca-Cola...i adore the Sante Fe area springs and hope they can remain beautiful and pristine for me and anyone who wants to enjoy them. I love them!