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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wild things: 10 amazing places to show kids exotic animals

Posted 10/25/09 - Miami Herald
Manatees. You don't have to leave Florida to see exotic animals -- and they're not all in theme parks. About 500 of the state's 3,900 manatee population live at Crystal River National Marine Wildlife Refuge, 60 miles north of Tampa, where kids of all ages can snorkel with the friendly 800-pounders. Though the endangered creatures are protected against hunting and harassment, low-impact snorkel tours are offered by Bird's Underwater Manatee Tours (year-round; $35 plus $8 snorkel rental; www.birdsunderwater.com), Florida Manatee Tours (year-round; $49.50 including gear and lunch; www.floridamanateetours.com) and others. Learn more at www.savethemanatee.org


Jeannie said...

when exactly do the manatees "arrive"? and isn't it c-c-cold in the springs water? i mean, I LOVE it but when it's in the 50s outside...won't we need wetsuits?

i love this blog, by the way! it helped me to find and fall in love with the Springs this past summer. thank you for your efforts. i'm reading....

julia said...

springs water is a constant 72 degrees year round. It is the air temp when you get out of the water that you have to worry about.:)

Love the blog as well and read it regularly.