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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Published February 14, 2014
Silver Glen Springs Run isn’t much of a waterway. It connects Glen Springs, a first-magnitude spring, to Lake George, the largest lake on the St. Johns River. For comparison, Silver Springs and Alexander Springs are listed in Florida’s 27 first-magnitude springs. There are a total of 78 such springs in the U.S., and Florida has more than any other state.

The first recorded descriptions of the springs were made by William Bartram in 1774. Bartram was America’s first native-born naturalist/artist. He was also the first author to describe nature through personal experience as well as scientific observation.

Silver Glen Springs is located in the Silver Glen Springs Recreational Area of the Ocala National Forest, about 11 miles south of the town of Salt Springs. If you’re traveling north on State Road 19, the park’s entrance is about six miles from the intersection with State Road 40.

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