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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's in the water? Warm Mineral Springs!

Published March 23, 2015
Florida's only naturally formed warm water mineral spring in Northport is known for giving soothing comfort. but those waters, many say have healing properties, and provide symptom relief.

Dr. Lieurance explained, when people soak in the mineral springs, the heat vasodilates a lot of the blood vessels, Which is going to enhance a lot of benefits with regards to circulation through the body. "This allows the body to absorb many of the minerals." said Dr. Lieurance, "Which is alkalizing. When you stress your body and muscles acid is produced, and your body needs to neutralize this acid with something that's alkaline." He continued, "Minerals are alkaline, and those are incredibly beneficial for the body to recover and for the body to regenerate itself."

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